Prosport Honda Civic Mk8 FN2 Type R 2006-2012 LZT-Line Coilovers


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Prosport is a UK company that manufactures suspension kits that allows you to stiffen and lower your suspension giving you amazing road holding and awesome stance.  The Prosport coilovers offer an amazing fast road set up for the money.

Prosport coilovers to fit Honda Civic Mk8 Type R FN2 models.

Dampers uprated by 30% to improve handling while giving a compliant ride.

Zinc coated coilover strut body for a quality finish with enhanced corrosion protection.

Durable Powder-Coated spring finish.

1 Year Warranty.

TUV Certified

Vehicles with factory-fitted sports suspension will lower by less than the stated figure.

For vehicles with a 10mm diameter lower shock absorber mounting bolt. It is possible to modify the bolt guide if the vehicle has the larger diameter bolt.

In the box:

Front Coilovers + rear lowering springs with ride-height adjusters and fixed, uprated shock absorbers.

Adjustable spanner for setting ride height.