DTS Line Coilovers VW Golf MK4 R32 (2002-2005)


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Depending on your vehicle this kit offers lowering of up to 85mm on public roads.We have found that on the majority of DTSline coilovers there is still have enough residual thread, therefore allowing you to slam your vehicle similar to that if it was on airbags.

Sporty style and better handling
Developed in Germany DTSline coilovers with their special DTS setup offer better vehicle handling. So you have more control when driving and safety, whether in sudden evasive maneuvers or a sporty driving style. In addition, your car gets a sportier handling without having to make great compromise on comfort.

An unbeatable combination: DTSline springs and dampers DTSline
The DTSline springs and dampers DTSline are manufactured according to international industry standard. The multi-coated springs are characterized by their black coating. Also,  galvanized spring damper as a standard , to withstand the most diverse weather conditions. Similarly, the aluminum-made spring plate and Lowering-adjustment rings have a black anodized layer.

Fast installation and quality at rock bottom price
DTSline coilovers are designed specifically for each vehicle. This fit our DTSline coilovers 100 percent in your car, without that you have to modify the mounting or attachment points. Therefore any competent mechanic can install the DTSline coilovers in very little time.  When compared to the competion it is hard to find any other coilovers with TÜV parts certificate, at this quality!

Advantages at a glance:
– TÜV parts certificate
– Millimeter accuracy adjustment even after installation
– Residual thread for additional show and Shine-Lowering similar to airbags
– More driving fun and safety
– Driving comfort available
– German engineering at a low price